Values around the farm Zselic offers wonderful experiences


Location Nearby Gálosfa 

The youngest tourist path in the wonderful Zselic between Gálosfa, Hajmás and Gödre.  The most famous attraction is the Drip-Stone. 

Katica Tanya Leisure Centre

Location Patca

The Katica Farms Adventure Center has dozens of outdoor and indoor play opportunities, animals, about 200 pets and more unique attractions in the country. 

Deer farm in Bőszénfa

Location Bőszénfa

The little village of Bőszénfa is located in the scenic countryside of the Zselic valley. It is also the Wild Game Management Centre of the Kaposvár University. The wild game stock of the area has become the most significant in Central Europe. The farm lies on a territory of 1300 acres and provides shelter for more than 1500 wild red deer, 300 wild boars, 200 fallow deer, 150 moufflons and some 50 roe-deer. Besides wild game, numerous domestic animals are bred as well on the farm.

Open-air museum - Szenna

Location Szenna

The Open-air museum of Szenna can be found 8 km far from Kaposvár. It is the only skanzen which was built in a living village to show the traditional architecture and lifestyle of the Zselic Hills and Somogy County. 5 houses can be visited in the same street, while you can also enter the Baroque-style Reformed church of the village which was built in 1785 and has a unique, painted coffered ceiling. The church is still the centre of community life of the village. The Open-air Museum of Szenna was given the Europe-Nostra prize in 1982 for having rebuilt the houses of the village in an authentic way.

Flower Bath in Kaposvár

Location Kaposvár

The Kaposvár Flower Bath offers a wonderful program for every member of your family: Aqua Park with leisure pools, sauna world, complex curing services, swimming pools, all these at European standard. You can find this 50 km far from Lake Balaton, in the heart of the scenic forests of the Zselic Hills, in Kaposvár. 

Rippl-Rónai Villa

Location Kaposvár

József Rippl-Rónai, the forefather of modern painting in Hungary bought the Roma Villa in 1908 and lived there all his life. The beautiful six-room two-storey building was the birthplace of numerous fabulous paintings from the ’Corn-period’. The museum arranged with the original furniture and more than 90 artworks give insight into each artistic period of the Rippl Rónai’s life.

Zselici Starry Sky Park

Location Kardosfa

The Zselic Landscape Protection area hides many natural treasures - the night sky is one of them. The area became internationally recognized in 2009 when the title of Dark-Sky (or Starry Sky) Park was awarded by the International Dark Sky Association. Zselic Park of Stars consists of a public observatory, a 25 m tall wooden belvedere, and resting points in the forest.