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Steak Tatar served with fresh vegetables 3 900,-
Grilled smoked cheese served with country salad 1 950,-
Mixed cold appetizer of Hajmás served with bread 1 750,-


Mushroom cream soup with a crunchy cheese toast 990,-
Cold fruit soup served with vanilla eis-cream 990,-
Broth of Hajmás full of meat and vegetables 1 100,-
Beef ragout soup with tarragon of Zselic Valley 1 370,-
Cabbage soup with smoked duck and strudel 1 250,-

Main dishes

Quilted slices of venison served with mushroom sauce and potato fritters 3 490,-
Roasted venison served with red wine blueberry sauce and fruitcroquettes 3 490,-
Roasted steak served with grilled vegetables, potato wedges and bacon chips 5 500,-
‘Rogue of Somogy’ style roasted steak (onion, bacon, tomato and mushroom Sauce) with potato fritters 5 500,-
Sirloin steak with a serving of spiced butter, fresh salad and potato fritters 3 490,-
Sirloin Steak Lyonnaise with spicy potatoes 3 490,-
Fried pork chop with fried chips and fresh salad 2 400,-
Mangalica chop stu ed with dilled cheese wrapped in bacon, served in paprika sauce and potato fritters 2 530,-
Baked pork with garlic sour cream served with country salad 2 760,-
Fried garlic pork steak with cockscomb served with hungarian style potatoes 2 200,-
Grilled chicken breast pickled with spices served with fresh salad 1 990,-
Chicken breast stu ed with dried prunes served with fruitcroquettes 2 400,-
Stuffed chicken breast of Hajmás served with mashed potatoes 2 200,-
Grilled garlic cat sh served with parsley potatoes 2 500,-


Roasted knuckle with onion potatoes 1 800,-
Baked mignon of pork with steamed vegetables and garlic sauce 2 500,-
Zselic Valley plate for 2 persons (stuffed chicken breast, knuckle of pork roasted in beer, duck leg, fried mushrooms and cheese, tartar sauce, potato fritters, rice, vegetables poached in butter) 5 500,-
Roasted duck legs with poached cabbage served with onion mashed potatoes 3 100,-
Catfish stew served with cottage cheese pasta 2 880,-

Kid's menu

Fried chicken breast with crispy potato medallions 1 200,-
Fried cheese with potato chips and tartar sauce 1 200,-
Grilled chicken breast with rice 1 200,-


Potato chips 520,-
Spicy potato chips 520,-
Potato fritters 520,-
Onion mashed potato 450,-
Rice 450,-
Vegetables poached in butter 560,-
Grilled vegetables 680,-


Crispy fresh salad with olive dressing 860,-
Cabbage salad 460,-
Cucumber salad with sour cream 560,-
Tomato salad with red onion 560,-
Mixed salad (tomato, cucumber, cabbage) 560,-
Pickled gherkins 450,-
Homemade mixed pickles 450,-


Pancakes "Gundel" style (with walnut and chocolate) 1 100,-
Large pancake, as You like it (peach, blueberry, cinnamon, peanut butter, cottage cheese, etc.) 680,-
Somló sponge cake 800,-
Strudel with cottage cheese, cherry and poppy seed 1 300,-
Mashed chestnuts with whipped cream and sour cherry sauce 750,-

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