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Homemade marinated ham with vegetables1 500,-
Walnut coated camambert with homemade cranberry marmalade and steamed rice1 590,-
Steak Tatar served with fresh vegetables4 200,-


Broth of Hajmás full of meat and vegetables1 100,-
Venison ragout soup with tarragon of Zselic Valley1 590,-
Charolais beef stew with homemade potato scones1 390,-
Fisherman’s soup with catfish1 900,-
Garlic cream soup baked in a crunchy cheese top 990,-


Roasted beef steak with green pepper sauce served with croquettes5 900,-
Fiery ragout of Zselic (Sirloin-stripe with bacon, onion, tomato, paprika, served with baked potato)5 900,-
Ribsteak of Zselic Valley (grilled rumpsteak with lyonnaise style onion rings served with grilled vegetables, steamed rice and gravy)3 500,-
Hungarian tripes stew served with boiled potato1 700,-

Main dishes

Chicken breast in a crunchy celery-cheesy coat served with dried tomatoed bulgur2 200,-
Chicken breast baked with apple-mayonnaise sauce on potato canapé2 200,-
Chicken breast with garlic-cream gratinated with broccoli served with homemade pasta2 200,-
Skewer of the bandits of Zselic (roasted fillet mignon of pork, aubergine, mushroom, courgette, bacon, onion served with fresh salad and baked potato2 700,-
Garlic rib of pork served with baked potato and braised cabbage2 490,-
Spicy spare ribs with fresh letcho served with steamed rice, cockscomb and fried egg2 600,-
Crispy knuckle of pork served with bacon and potato2 100,-
Giant fried pork chop served with fried french potatoes and fresh salad2 600,-
Fried pork steak filled with cheese, mushroom served with mixed garnish2 500,-
Grilled catfish with mushroom in sour cream and homemade pasta2 600,-
Catfish stew served with homemade cottage cheese pasta seasoned with dill 2 600,-
Roasted duck legs served with baked potatoes and caramelized apple3 900,-
Roasted venison with red wine-cranberry sauce served with homemade potato fritters3 800,-
‘Wild style’ venison fillet served with serviette dumplings3 600,-
Zselic Valley plate for 2 people (garlic spare ribs, crispy duck legs, chicken breast with cottage cheese and dill in bacon jacket and piquant paprika sauce, fried cheese, fried mushrooms, steamed rice, fried french potatoes and steamed vegetables) 5 800,-

Kid's menu

Fried chicken breast served with fried french potatoes 1 200,-
Fried cheese with fried french potatoes and tartar sauce1 200,-
Fried fish strips served with steamed rice1 200,-

Dishes for pre-order

Knuckle of pork with garlic, broiled onion, potatoes and homemade mixed pickles for 4 people12 000,-
Roast farm duck served with onion mashed potato and braised cabbage for 4 people12 000,-
Speciality from our farm for 7 people
(garlic rib of pork, stuffed thin flank of Pork, spicy spare ribs, médaillons of fillet mignon of pork rolled in bacon, stuffed pork chop, minced meat „Stephanie style”, parsley potatoes, braised cabbage, potatoes en papillote, steamed rice, homemade pickles)
19 900,-

Our gardener recommends

Steamed vegetables poached in butter560,-
Grilled vegetables690,-
Crispy fresh salad with olive dressing860,-
Cabbage salad460,-
Cucumber salad with sour cream560,-
Tomato salad with red onion560,-
Mixed salad (tomato, cucumber, cabbage)560,-
Pickled gherkins450,-
Homemade mixed pickles450,-


Pancake baked with cottage cheese and wild redberries 950,-
Caramell cheese cake 760,-
Vanilla Semolina soufflé with homemade Raspberry Syrup 690,-
Sweet dream of Zselic Valley (Somló sponge cake with vanilla ice-cream, heavy cream and hazelnut cream) 1 300,-

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