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You dream it, we make it happen. Marriage is one of the most important event in our lives. It must be unforgettable and perfect, since everybody will remember this day.  Our task here in the Zselic Valley is to make everything happen according to your dreams.

Wedding in the countryside. It is more and more fashionable to organise weddings in the countryside nowadays. These feast are popular because these are really honest, vivid and lovable happenings. The lake shore with the willows, the chariot ornamented with flowers, the closeness to nature, the hospitality and the family atmosphere create a harmony that really fits the occasion.

We can organise weddings in any style. Our restaurant with its 120 seats and the wine cellar show room with 150 places can be the venue of any wedding parties. 

The fabulous atmosphere of the Zselic, the starry sky and the lakeshore are all perfect and ideal places for the wedding vows as well as for the wedding photos.

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